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12 December 2016, 10:40




The EU funded Project: "National Transport Strategy of Ukraine", led by the
Dornier Consulting International provides support to the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine to reinforce its capacity to revise the National Transport Strategy of up to 2020 and in line with Ukraine's commitments under the Association Agreement and Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement.

The Program Manager Road Transport will be contracted for a 12-month period initially and for a further 12-month period subject to individual performance and progress. The contract could be signed only after the signature of the related addendum to the contract.

Interested candidates should send filled application form and cover letter to before 26/12/2016. Selected applicants will be invited to the interview.

Section 1 — Details

Job Title

Program Manager Road Transport


Reforms support

Responsible to / Line Manager

This should be a role title, not a named individual.

Technical Office Director


Kyiv, Ukraine

Date Prepared

October 2016


Section 2 — Responsibilities and Linked Reform


The Program Manager — Road Transport sector will ensure the coordinated actions for the following reform targets:

  • Implementation of EU legislation in road transport;
  • Reorganization of State Road Agency;
  • Creation of State Road Fund;
  • Liberalization of bus and coaches’ transportation market;
  • Road safety reform;
  • Implementation of EU legislation on Roads and Automobile Transport.


Particularly coordinating the legal, institutional and investment activities. The Program manager will support and purview the activities of the Ministry outcome and ensure the input of other staff of the technical office.  




The responsibilities are in particular:

  1. To support reforms in the Road Transport sector;
  2. Interaction with the legal team for timely introduction of the required legal changes;
  3. Facilitates search and selection of funding options for the sector;
  4. Instilling confidence and maintaining the dialogue with the industry;
  5. Involves and coordinates the activity of the civil society;
  6. Closely cooperates with EU technical advisory and IFIs;
  7. Provide support in the deregulation and liberalization of the operation;
  8. Contribute to the development of the sound and sustainable policies in the transport sector;
  9. Contributes to sector conferences and workshops;

10. Facilitates the preparation of initial project documents (plans, budgets, scopes, etc.);

11. Lead a management circle (senior management members) for progress monitoring on priority actions

12. Monitors the project implementation and prepares reports and presentations for the minister;

13. Contribute in the National Transport Strategy of Ukraine implementation and in the road transport reform work group;

14. Carries out any other duties as assigned by the Technical Office head, including, without limitation, provision of systemic advice, including legislative changes.


Section 3 — Knowledge, Skills, Experience & Qualifications

Academic / Professional Qualifications:

  • A University degree in engineering, economics, legal, business administration or in relevant field. A post graduate degree / Diploma would be an advantage.



  • A minimum of 5 years, preferably 10 years of professional experience.
  • Experience in working with reform / change management / project management related subjects preferably in road sector is an advantage.
  • Preferably experience in leading multidisciplinary team. Experience in infrastructure related disciplines is an asset.
  • Experience with government entities and their mandate and processes is an advantage. Experience in road sector related entities is an asset.
  • Coordinate and prepare regular progress reports and communication with key stakeholders.
  • Experience in road construction and road safety is an advantage.
  • Experience in Project and program management experience is an advantage.
  • Experience with policy and process analysis is an advantage.
  • Experience in conducting road sector analyses.




  • Strong analytical skills with the ability to interpret complex legal, commercial and financial information.
  • Strong ability to communicate with peers as well as to communicate with and manage all related stakeholders.
  • Good leadership and motivational skills 
  • Good geographical knowledge 
  • PC literacy, advanced PowerPoint and Excel skills
  • Excellent command of English and Ukrainian, both written and spoken, together with the ability to draft in English and Ukrainian to a very high standard; familiarity with other languages used in Ukraine is a definite advantage.

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