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    News    15 February 2018, 14:54
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All “state – business” relations we will transform into electronic format, - Volodymyr Omelyan

15 February 2018, 14:54

Electronic services for the issuing bilateral license and ECMT licenses for the road transportation of goods, as well as the register of bus routes, should be launched in the first half of 2018. Volodymyr Omelyan, the Minister of Infrastructure stated the above during the meeting of working group on the implementation of electronic services in road transport.

Volodymyr Omelyan assured that these are only the first steps towards the creation of a digital infrastructure in Ukraine: “All these things are the part of the digital infrastructure that we create in the country. The government has endorsed the concept of the development of the digital economy. We all understand that the digital infrastructure is the backbone, key element of the future digital economy.”

“As was announced, this year we transform “state-business” relations to a completely new format – electronic. There are several blocks of issues that we have to resolve. First question is ECMT licenses, which are issued on a regular basis. The test version has proved its effectiveness. The second issue is bilateral permits for road transport. Here we want to introduce a clear control system, provide each permit with a QR code, so that there would be impossible any manipulations and resales”, - Volodymyr Omelyan said.

Viktor Sasin, Director of the Department for the strategic development of road market and road transport of the Ministry of Infrastructure, noted that the carrier's electronic cabinet had already been launched and should become a full-fledged working tool by the end of spring. The electronic cabinet envisages transformation of licensing to online mode and the functioning of electronic fines. The access to this information will be given not only for the carrier, but also for inspectors who impose a charge. These decisions are implemented on blockchain.

The creation of the bus routes register is a separate current issue. “We see that the market positively perceived deregulation that was adopted last week on the meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers. Our current task is to bring this reform to the end by subordinate acts, orders of the Ministry of Infrustructure. At the same time, it is necessary to create an online database so that we can clearly understand what routes are being made in the state. We are also working on a through ticketsystem, which involves combining all routes: bus, rail and aviation into a single network. It will be convenient for the customers and they will be able to move within the country and abroad using one ticket”, - the Minister stressed.

“The route register have already existed - it operates in the test mode, now it needs to be filled. We will start this process with international routes, because we have all the necessary information on them”, - Viktor Sasin said.

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