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    News    20 February 2018, 15:34
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Members of the Reform Support Team took part in the Ukraine-EU High-level Transport Dialogue

20 February 2018, 15:34

On February 20, 2018, the Ukraine-EU Transport Dialogue was held at the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine between Volodymyr Omelyan, the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine and Henrik Hololei, Commission's Director-General for Mobility and Transport.

Oleksandra Klitina, the Head of the Reform Support Team, told about the achievements of the Reform Support Team and implementation of infrastructure projects with the support of international partners.

“First of all, we are thankful to our European partners for the expert support in work on the new infrastructure legislation.The bills, which are currently in the Parliament are in line with the best European practices and have positive feedback from European institutions.We have conducted several discussions with business, public, MP’s of Ukraine and take into account most of the comments and wishes.Now we are waiting for the Parliament decision”, - Oleksandra Klitina said.

According to Oleksandra Klitina, the Reform Support Team also focuses on the implementation of the Logistics strategy,that was developed for Ukraine with the support of the World Bank, the implementation of EU norms in aviation, introduction of high-speed railways.“Currently, two sea ports are being prepared for their concession.This is a new experience for Ukraine, which requires a great preparation. With the help of the new Privatization Law, we will be able to create a new opportunities for concessions and attract new investors”,Oleksandra Klitina said.

She also highlighted the importance of international support in coordinating work on reforms and innovations:“We need the technical assistance and cooperation with international institutions to coordinate projects”.

Oleksandra Klitina initiated the creation of the Infrastructure Reform Council, which will coordinate the work of all project offices andwhich will include representatives of the Ministry,European institutions and international organizations, as well as heads of industry enterprises and organizations.

Viktor Zagreba, road sector reform manager, presented to the participants of the meeting information on recent changes in the state policy of Ukraine regarding road safetyand announced two new projects of the Ministry for co-operation with the European colleagues.

“The first project is the railway crossings safety through designing interchanges at different levels.To achieve this, together with Ukrzaliznytsia, were identified 12 crossings  that are located on the trans-European transport corridors.The second project is the improvement of road crossings safety and animal crossing corridors to reduce collisions between cars and wildlife.This can be done through the scientific analysis of conflict points and planning of engineering solutions that will minimize the risks in these areas”, Viktor Zagreba said.

According to Viktor Zagreba, in order to start cooperation and develop the skills, Ukrainian experts and engineers from the European Union are invited to select two roads belonging to the trans-European network and have high traffic intensity - M-06 Kyiv-Chop and M-05 Kyiv-Odesa.

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