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    News    30 July 2018, 17:44
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It is possible to overcome the backwardness of Ukraine from the civilized world only by introducing advanced transport technologies - Volodymyr Omelyan

30 July 2018, 17:44

Volodymyr Omelyan, the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine held a meeting with the leading economists of advanced universities and corporations of the United States of America and Great Britain. During the meeting the perspective projects on transport innovation and the development of digital infrastructure were presented.

During the meeting,Volodymyr Omelyan presented the projects implemented by the Directorate of Digital Infrastructure for Transport and Postal Services and initiated at the Ministry of Infrastructure:

  • the project o introducing the paperless technologies for issuing licenses and permits as well as processing of goods, which reduce the administrative burden on business and state whileremoving  officials’ role in  the process of issuance and registration of the documents;
  • the project of initiating the use of blockchain technology for the public transport registries in order to to diminish the impact of the   unjust carriers and officials on the integrity of data;
  • the project of initiating the use of electronic, single and transparent ticket for the purposes of introducing non-cash payments for public transport;
  • the project of introducing an electro-communication raceway along the sectors of transport infrastructure to overcome the digital divide and provide for the  development of the Internet of Things (IoT), system of automatic road weights , the analysis and management of traffic data, etc.;
  • the project of introducing cybersecurity infrastructure for   transport and postal industries ;
  • the project of  forming  an ecosystem  to facilitate the use of environmentally safe transport, including the development of a network of fast charging stations;
  • the project of initiating  the International Center of Innovation and Excellency in Transportfor developing the construction of the hyperloop lines in Ukraine and the project’s integration into a global  transport network.

Projects presented by the Minister of Infrastructure were welcomed   by the invited economists.,

Michael Schwarz  pointed out that having implemented all the planned projects by the Ministry of Infrastructure would both bring Ukraine closer to the world transport benchmarks and give a chance to win a race over such leading digital countries as Estonia and Singapore.

 "A system of satellite tracking of the use of transport infrastructure should become of one of  the projects to be implemented as it will  introducethe principles of  dynamic pricing in transportation . You can not only build roads, ports, etc. on the money gained from the efficiency of dynamic pricing but but also make transportation free for economically insecure population" Michael Schwarz added.

Professor Paul R. Milgrom noticed that for the development of digital infrastructure in particular, the automated paperless system and cyber security, it is necessary to integratetthe value of artificial intelligence: "This will significantly reduce the operating costs, as well as ensure their instant counteraction to possible threats  as well as learning ".

Among the invited ones to meet the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine were such leading economists as  Professor Paul R. Milgrom (Stanford University), Professor Peter Cramton (University of Cologne and the University of Maryland), Professor Jeremy I. Bulow (Stanford Institute of Economic and Political Studies), Professor Steven Tadelis (University of Berkeley), Professor Paul D. Klemperer (Oxford University), Microsoft Chief Economist Mr. Michael Schwarz, Professor Andriy Zapechelnyuk (University of St. Andrews), Professor Timofiy Milovanov (University of Pittsburgh).

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