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Volodymyr Omelyan met with the representatives of the World Bank

26 September 2018, 10:47

Within the framework of a working visit to the United States of America, Volodymyr Omelyan, the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine met with Karla Gonzalez Carvajal, representative of the World Bank, coordinator for Ukraine. 

Volodymyr Omelyan thanked to the World Bank for expert assistance in the development and implementation of infrastructure reforms, in particular, development of road infrastructure and a network of highways in Ukraine.

The Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine positively noted the assistance of the World Bank in the preparation of the investment plan for the Eastern Partnership countries with the support of the European Commission.

"This plan is aimed on the attraction of the funds of international financial organizations and preparation of the investment projects in the field of transport and infrastructure in accordance with international standards. Ukraine expects to approve the Plan in October of this year. The investment plan will be an important tool in the modernization of the transport system on Ukraine", - the Minister said.

The parties discussed prospects for the implementation of concession projects in the seaports of Ukraine, as well as the development of the railway sector.

According to Volodymyr Omelyan, Ukraine is considering the prospect of building of high-speed rail towards the EU: "The high-speed railway is part of the National Transport Strategy of Ukraine until 2030. It is important for the development of passenger and cargo transport markets. We should to bring passenger rail transportations to a new level of quality that will increase the mobility of people. Kyiv-Odesa and Kyiv – Lviv are the first directions where high-speed rail can be implemented."

The Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine also spoke about the Ukrainian Government's vision for the development of the regional airports network and asked the World Bank to provide expert assistance for the development of appropriate recommendations for Ukraine with the prospect of attracting foreign investors.

Karla Gonzalez positively noted Ukraine's progress in reforming of the road, maritime and aviation sectors and confirmed the further support of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine by the World Bank.

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