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    News    21 January 2019, 16:45
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21 January 2019, 16:45

Railway sector reform

  1. Support MoI in adoption by the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the Law of Ukraine "On Rail Transport of Ukraine" and implementation of its provisions (analysis of Ukrainian and international legislation, cooperation with relevant stakeholders).

  2. Preparation of the road map for the development of secondary legislation, institutional and organizational actions that needed to be changed and implemented. Ongoing support to MoI with the preparation of secondary legislation of the draft law together with relevant stakeholders.

  3. Analysis of legislation, problems and opportunities, development of solutions with the aim to implement project of electronic ticketing and passenger privileged transportations in the field of rail transport. 

  4. Support MoI in the development of investment projects in the frame of NTSU 2030 Action Plan, as well as investment plan of Eastern Partnership.

  5. Draft of the tariff methodology on the calculation and formation of tariffs for infrastructure services access, according to EU Directives in the field of railway transport (together with experts of MoI, EU and Twinning)

  6. Assistance to MoI in the preparation of the projects foreseen in the NTSU 2030, namely: railway station concession projects (other forms of PPP), drafting of necessary documents, assistance in cooperation between stakeholders.

  7. Support the establishment of new model on provision of socially important passenger transportations in pilot regions, according to the Regulation (EU) 1370/ 2007 European Parliament dated on 23.10.2007.

Road Sector Reform

  1. Assistance in the establishment of the state road fund and decentralization in management of roads of local importance.
  2. Discussing the necessity of comprehensive inspection of activity of PJSC «Roads of Ukraine» aimed on its further reorganization, assisting in started procurement proceedings of mentioned consultancy services.
  3. Development of weight-in-motion system (including corresponding law draft), starting procurement proceedings of design, supply and installation of the first WIM stations. 
  4. Development of the draft law on road safety audit.
  5. Development of the draft law on independent engineering control in building, reconstruction and repair of objects of infrastructure.
  6. Development of the draft law on harmonization of Ukrainian legislation with requirement of EU and implementation of EU Regulation in securing operating motor vehicles.
  7. Development of the mechanisms of building and operation of roads of state importance on the concession conditions. Corresponding draft law № 6766 was approved by the Verkhovna Rada.

Maritime Sector Reform

  1. Assisting to MoI on creating and functioning of the Maritime administration of Ukraine.
  2. Assisting to MoI in drafting the Methodology for calculation of port fees rates and drafting the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine concerning the Procedure of compensation of investments in strategic objects in ports sphere.
  3. Assisting to MoI in cooperation with RST of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade in creation of TOR for establishment of corporative management of USPA.
  4. Assisting to MoI and cooperation with EDGE project in the procedure of IMO audit passed in June 2018, as well as assisting in work over the corrective action plan preparation and implementation after IMO audit hold in.
  5. Supporting MoI concerning allocation of functions of harbormasters and seaport captains and further reorganization of harbormasters service.
  6. Assisting to MoI in implementation of concession project in Yuzhny Seaport by preparation ofPre-feasibility study and Conceptual Note for the feasibility study.
  7. Assisting to MoI in close cooperation with consultants in performance of analysis of commercial activity of state enterprise «Bilgorod-Dnistrovskyi Commercial Sea Port».
  8. Direct participation in drafting of Sustainable Logistics Strategy for Ukraine till 2030, drafted by MoI.
  9. Supporting MoI in development of Action Plan for National Transport Strategy of Ukraine, approved by decree of the Cabinet of Ministers № 430 from 30.05.2018.

Inland Waterways Reform

  1. Providing assistance to MoI concerning the revision of the existing draft law «On Inland Water Transport», making proposals taking into account the comments of stakeholders and best international practices. Due to this support the provisions were introduced to implement the basic norms of EU directives and regulations in accordance with the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement.
  2. Participating in public discussions with the Members of Parliament, Government and private sector experts on reform’s related legislation.
  3. Supporting MoI in obtaining the expertise on the EU legislation compliance for the draft law «On Inland Water Transport».
  4. Preparing the list of legal acts adoption of which is conditioned by provisions of the draft law «On Inland Water Transport» and which are necessary for the implementation of the EU directives and regulations in the inland water transport field and furthermore, these legal acts are being drafted.
  5. Assisting to US Coast Guard experts in undertaking a mission and evaluating the oil spill contingency plan on the Dnipro River. Currently, it is planned to make common observation (with the involvement of experts of the US Army technical corps) of the Zaporizhzhia lock as a part of the Zaporizhzhia hydro-technical facilities.
  6. Providing assistance on taking measures for smooth functioning of the inland waterways’ critical infrastructure.

Aviation sector reform

  1. Development of the draft of regulation tool for independent calculation by airports of their charges  (together with MoI, airports of Ukraine and aviation sector experts).
  2. Undertaking efforts for low-cost model popularization in Ukraine (in cooperation with MoI).
  3. Development of the draft of aviation strategy of Ukraine 2030 (in cooperation with MoI, airports of Ukraine, aviation sector experts).
  4. Prioritization and estimating scenarios for regional airports development (with EBRD support and in cooperation with regional airports).
  5. Development of pre-feasibility study for modern airport «Bila Tserkva» with support of EU commission and in cooperation with international experts from AASISTS program, Bila Tserkva municipality and aviation sector experts.

SOEs and Corporate Governance Reform

  1. Development of ownership policies for the SOEs under the Ministry of Infrastructure, including SOE USPA and SOE Ukrposhta.
  2. Development of USPA Corporate Governance Review. Supporting development of the Ukrposhta corporate governance action plan to achieve compliance with OECD standards.
  3. Involving grant funding of infrastructure projects from the European Union funds. The Financial Agreement for the investment project "Transport Communication in Ukraine" was signed on December 17, 2018.
  4. Carrying out prioritization and analysis the aviation sector projects. According to the results of the analysis, the Program for the development of regional airports has been developed. Funding from the International Finance Corporation (a part of the World Bank Group) is involved. A preliminary feasibility study for the Program for the development of regional airports has been provided.
  5. Preparing pre-feasibility study for the concession of the multimodal terminal «Bila Tserkva» and supporting the attraction of private investments.
  6. Preparing pre-feasibility studies and documentation on concession the property of state stevedoring companies in Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi seaport.
  7. Preparing pre-feasibility studies and documentation on concession the property of state stevedoring companies in seaport Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi and for Yuzhny port.

Public administration reform (PAR)

  1. Providing support to the structural changes required by the Public Administration Reform Strategy 2016-2020.
  2. Supporting the selection process of the reform specialists according to the governmental Сoncept of implemenation of reform specialists positions up to 2020.
  3. Implementing trainings for the Ministry staff conducted by local and international experts (soft skills/technical skills).
  4. Assisting in the improving of horizontal communication.
  5. Participation in the Ministry’s, SOE's and related agencies staff selection processesby organizing meetings and discussions with key stakeholders.
  6. Active engagement in the communication and promotional activities of public administration reform.
  7. Establishing cooperation with educational institutions for the increasing of staff reserve of the Ministry.

E-governance and anticorruption reform

  1. Assistance in creating and coordinating a working group on the introduction of an electronic ticket in Ukraine. Development of secondary legislation. Active participation in developing a recommendation standard for e-ticket systems together with international experts.
  2. Assistance in designing the carrier's e-cabinet by description of issues, donor search, concept development, and information system creation.
  3. Assistance in creating an «Open Budget» section on the official website of the Ministry, which automatically shows all expenses of the Ministry of Infrastructure, central bodies of executive power coordinated by the Ministry, the State Enterprise "Ukrvodshhlyah" and 14 largest branches of Ukrzaliznytsia.
  4. Participation in the preparation for the launch of a pilot project in the Kyiv region of the future intelligent transport systems, 6 weight in motion complexes.
  5. Assistance in the development of technical requirements for the register of infrastructure projects and the register of certificates of wheeled vehicles.

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