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    News    5 February 2019, 17:25
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An international multimodal transport hub will be created on the basis of the Bila Tserkva airport, - Volodymyr Omelyan

5 February 2019, 17:25

Volodymyr Omelyan, the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine, during the press conference, that was held on February 5, 2019, presented plans for the development of the aviation industry of Ukraine for 2019. The event was also attended by Olexander Bilchuk - Head of the State Aviation Service of Ukraine, Mykola Bozhko - Head of the State Agency for Infrastructure Projects of Ukraine, Pavlo Ryabikin – General Director of the State Enterprise Boryspil International Airport, Tetyana Romanovska – General Director of the Lviv Danylo Halytskyi International Airport and Serhii Kandaurov - Director of the “Bilotserkivsky Cargo Aviation Complex”.

Volodymyr Omelyan stressed that an international multimodal transport hub will be created on the basis of the Bila Tserkva airport: “The development of airports has a multiplicative effect on the neighboring territories, regions and on the economy of Ukraine in a whole. Ukrainian airports should become modern aviation hubs that generate passenger and cargo traffic. In particular, the airport "Bila Tserkva" has a huge potential for the development, as a modern transport and logistic hub in the central part of Ukraine. Therefore, one of the key projects for 2019 is the development of an international multi-modal transport hub based on the airport "Bila Tserkva", - Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine said.

The airport of Bila Tserkva has a unique location - 80 km from Kyiv and 390 km from the seaports of the Odessa region. Runway is 2500x80 m (with the required geometry for most modern aircraft 2500x45 m), a maintenance base for aircrafts with hangars and more than 10 airlines from different countries and two basic airlines from Ukraine, the successfully operating industrial park with more than 70 enterprises.

Serhii Kandaurov, Director of the “Bilotserkivsky Cargo Aviation Complex” noted: "The main priorities for 2019 are the opening of an international border crossing point at the Bila Tserkva airport, the launch of international aviation cargo transportation, increasing number of flight for maintenance and repair of aircraft in airport hangars. We want to create a modern transport-logistic and aircraft repair complex on the  basis of the Bila Tserkva cargo aviation complex , which will generate a large cargo flow and in the future passenger air transportation", - the head of the Bila Tserkva cargo air complex said.

Sergiy Kandaurov also expressed gratitude to the Reform Support Team at the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, whose specialists are actively involved in the development of the project “International Multimodal Transport Hub based on the basis of the Bila Tserkva airport".

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