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The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko took part in the opening of the newly built road bypassing the city of Reni and the repaired M15 Odesa-Reni road

12 February 2019, 14:30

On February 12, 2019, the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko together with the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Volodymyr Omelyan, head of the Odessa regional state administration Maxim Stepanov and head of "Ukravtodor" Slawomir Novak took part in the opening of the newly built road bypassing the city of Reni and the repaired M15 Odesa-Reni road.

The President of Ukraine congratulated the residents of the region with the completion of work on two major infrastructure objects in the Odessa region and stated that in 2019 more than 50 billion hryvnias will be allocated on the development of Ukrainian roads.

Petro Poroshenko also noted on the progress in the restoration of Ukrainian roads: "The road bypassing Reni has been awaited for 10 years and the Odesa-Reni road that was built in 1950s has not been repaired for a long time. Therefore, for Bessarabia, for the south of the Odesa region this was a question of life and death, an issue of communication. The main work was carried out in 2017-2018, and this is an unprecedented period when in two years, the road of such length was built, repaired and modernized. 55 billion hryvnias are provided to build roads this year. A lot has been done, but I emphasize - we look at the future with confidence".

Volodymyr Omelyan, the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine said that the Odesa-Reni road is the main project in the development of road infrastructure: "It connects Odessa with Danube ports Reni and Izmail and stretches to the border with Romania. Repair work has been completed, we are working on putting the road into operation".

"I am proud of the fact that, thanks to the support of the Head of State and political unity, we are giving a qualitative result for the country.  Thank you, Mr. President! Before the start of the repair, it took 7-8 hours to reach Odesa from Reni, now - 3-4 hours", - the head of the Ministry of Infrastructure added.

He also noted that the road bypassing the city of Reni is a part of the M-15 Odesa-Reni highway. The relevant work with Romania is being conducted to determine the location to build a bridge over the Danube River. The construction of a bridge between Ukraine and Romania will contribute to the economic growth of the region between the Dniester and Danube rivers, increase tourists flow from Europe and the Middle East to the Ukrainian Venice - "Vilkovo", the Danube Floods Nature Reserve and the Belgorod-Dniester Fortress.

Volodymyr Omelyan noted the highly efficient work of "Ukravtodor" in the restoration of highways in the Odesa region.

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