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Kherson Sea Commercial Port Concession


Kherson Sea Port is located in the mouth of Dnipro river, which flows into the Dnipro Gulf and is directly connected to the Black Sea.


The port provides handling of various cargoes, including cereals and food products, sand, scrap, mineral fertilizers in bulk and packaging, timber and other dry cargo.


The state enterprise "Kherson Sea Commercial Port" (KSCP) is one of the port operators in the Kherson Sea Port.


The enterprise has:

–       20 ha of core area;

–       6 warehouses for general cargo storage;

–       11 open storage areas;

–       5 berths of 600 m total length;

–       7.6 m max depth;

–       13 gantry cranes;

–       6 floating cranes;

–       27 units of port fleet;

–       90+ units of handling equipment;

–       rail and road connection;

–       approximately 600 skilled workers.


In 2018, KSCP handled 1.2 million tons of cargo, 80% of which were export operations. The revenues for 2018 amounted to approximately UAH 150 million.


KSCP, as a state enterprise, faces significant constraints in its development due to limited access to financing. The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine has decided to apply the concession mechanism as the best way of attracting private investment into the port.


The proposed concession aims to give KSCP an opportunity to meet market challenges, improve its competitive position through commercial flexibility and investment in the rehabilitation and construction of assets.


In order to structure the concession project, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the International Finance Corporation (IFC) were appointed by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine as lead transaction advisers.


Below you can find detailed publicly available information about KSCP.


Access to confidential information will be granted to potential bidders only after signing a non-disclosure agreement.


Regarding participation in the concession tender, please contact the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and/or its authorized advisers: Oleg Kudashov (IFC) Marcos Martinez (EBRD)


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