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Strategic tasks in postal service

Strategic tasks in postal service
Today USEP “Ukrposhta” has following strategic tasks to solve:
Company management reform
1. Organizational and legal reform.

The state unitary commercial enterprise USEP “Ukrposhta” is expected to be converted into the joint-stock company, 100 percent share of which is owned by the state (corporatization).

Corporatization of “Ukrposhta” will provide the necessary modernization of the enterprise with a necessary impulse and will stimulate the further constant improvement of its competitiveness.

1.1. Structure reform

After the creation of PJSC "Ukrposhta" within the continuing reform of the company management system, it is planned to take the following steps:

       I.            At the first stage, to build a vertically integrated company with setting up certain business units in certain spheres and to make the transition to divisional management model with the creation of macro-regions.

    II.            In the second stage, to consider the feasibility of establishing individual businesses on the basis of some specialized directorates, including the involvement of private capital that can work with both “Ukrposhta” units under the outsourcing scheme or agency agreements, and with any other companies.

2. Technical reform.

2.1. Production automation.

The introduction of a unified centralized integrated platform (UCIP).

The introduction of a unified payment acceptance IT-platform in all automated post offices with a full cycle management of services.

Automation of 6500-7000 jobs (all divisions of I-IV group).

Creation of a safe, controlled and dynamic IT-infrastructure of company resources management.

Automation of mail processing in DMPT, in particular the transition from fully manual to automated sorting of parcels, packages and small packages.

2.2. Fleet upgrading.

Bringing road transport fleet of the enterprise to the age that does not exceed 8 years.

2.3. Energy saving program

The program is aimed at improving energy efficiency, reducing the consumption of fuel, electric power, natural gas and heat from central heating. In addition, it provides the construction works to replace windows with metal-plastic ones and insulating facades of buildings using energy-saving materials.

 According to Reforming Program, “Ukrposhta” has to solve following strategic tasks:
1. Revenues increase.

Increasing profitability and volume of services provided.

Developing existing sales channels.

Developing partner network.

Integration with consumers.

Standardization of services, products and processes for their provision.

Creating a clear system of reporting and analytics.

Improving the quality of service at the site of the "last mile".

Improving the speed and quality of customer service.

2. Costs optimization

Introduction of new technologies.

Improving management system, reducing administration and management costs.

Controlling authenticity of information, ensuring completeness and relevance of data records, minimizing manual input.

Developing optimal strategy of technical development of the company that provides rational spending.

Reducing influence of human factor in production processes.

Developing human capacity in the enterprise.


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