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Automobile and urban electric transport

In accordance with official statistics the share of passenger transportation by automobile transport (buses) compared with others amounts to about 44%, urban electric transport – 49%. It also should be taken into consideration that in 2015 compared to the year before the amount of passenger transportation by automobile transport decreased by a quarter, unlike railway and urban electric transport. The share of automobile transport in cargo transportation amounts to 25%. A decrease of the amount of automobile transportation in comparison to 2014 amounts to 18%. The market of automobile transportation is characterized by no public sector of the economy in it. There are only private transporters. As a result, the main function of the Ministry is formation and implementation of the policy in this sphere, determination of “the game rules”, providing steady passengers and cargo transportation.

International transportation

Modern world economy develops very rapidly; economic relations are becoming more complex and multilevel. Transport plays a great role in ensuring steady development of these relations. At this time transport logistics has complex multilevel structure, and logistic chain impresses with its length and diversity, engaging all kinds of transport in the cargo delivery from producer to consumer process. In a competitive environment of international road haulage market, the main function of the Ministry of Infrastructure is to support Ukrainian automobile transporters at the state level. The main purpose of solving this task is to organize maximum effective cooperation between authorities and people.

It is one of the priorities of structural subdivisions of the Ministry and the Department of Strategic Development of Road market and Transportation by road to solving questions at issue which concern transporters in the process of carrying out their main activity.

Among key tasks concerning implementation of normative acts regulating international road passenger and cargo transportation is drafting of a new edition of the order of Ministry of transport of Ukraine from 20.08.2004 № 757 “On Regulation of the System of Processing, Issuance, Use and Record of International Passenger and Cargo Transport Permits”, registered at the Ministry of Justice on 31.08.2004 № 1075/9674 and the order of 09.02.2004 № 75 “On Approval of the Procedure for Organization of Scheduled, Nonscheduled and Shuttle International Passenger Road Transport Services”, registered at the Ministry of Justice on 22.06.2004 № 759/9358.

These orders cover:

  • Order of issuance cargo transportation and non-scheduled passenger transportation permits;
  • Order of invitation to tender for allocation of ECMT permits;
  • Order of registration of new scheduled passenger transportation routes.

In 2016 changes will concern licensure.

The allocation of ECMT permits for 2016 was maximum pure and so that rendered it impossible to organize this process by corruption.


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