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G7 Ambassadors met with the Minister of Infrastructure

15 September 2021, 15:22

Yesterday, the Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov met with G7 Ambassadors. This is the first meeting in the history of the Ministry of Infrastructure with the representatives of the Group of Seven. This reflects the attention of the international community to the development of infrastructure in Ukraine.

The meeting focused on public administration reform, investment attraction, protection of national and economic interests of Ukraine.

"Partnership with the G7 is important for the implementation of Big construction plans. The focus is on joint projects that reduce distances between our countries and contribute to the sustainable development of all regions.

The experience of countries that 10-15 years ago passed the path to European integration in infrastructure and introduced the principles of corporate governance in state-owned companies is important for us.

We have strategic cooperation projects with each of the G7 countries in road, rail, water and air transport. We are now looking forward to new projects in the field of tourism" – Oleksandr Kubrakov says.

It should be reminded that the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine is already working on joint projects with experts and companies from the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Japan, Canada, France and the United States.

During the meeting, the Minister of Infrastructure discussed with the representatives of the Group of Seven a number of large-scale projects and problems that the new team took care of in the first hundred days of work, namely:

▪ new changes in JSC "Ukrzaliznytsia" –  the raising tariffs for freight transport, an important agreement with Deutsche Bahn in the areas of passenger transport and energy management were discussed. The parties also noted the importance of electing a new permanent Chairman of the Board of the Company;

▪ critical situation with permits for international freight transport – the Minister of Infrastructure stressed that there is a problem with additional permits for freight transport with EU countries, especially with the Republic of Poland. It limits the development of Ukraine's exports and prevents the full use of trade opportunities provided for in the Association Agreement with the EU. For example, the available volume of permits for international road transport of the Republic of Poland does not meet the needs of the market and does not meet the development of trade with Ukraine;

▪ Inland waterway reform – the Law of Ukraine “On Inland Water Transport” enters into force on 1 January 2022, which implements European standards in the field of inland waterway navigation in Ukraine. Oleksandr Kubrakov told about staffing changes in the Maritime Administration and asked for the support of international partners in strengthening its institutional status;

▪ development of Ukrainian aviation – Ukraine expects to sign the Common Aviation Area Agreement with the EU. This decision should open the European market for Ukrainian carriers, as well as to help improve service in Ukrainian aviation. Research into options to create a national air carrier with the support of French consultants is also ongoing.

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