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Oleksandr Kubrakov: The spilled Ukrainian grain on the railroad tracks in Poland is another political provocation aimed at dividing our nations

20 February 2024, 13:37

Around noon, on the tracks of the Medyka station, protesters spilled about 4 tons of grain from two grain carriages waiting to be reloaded onto the narrow gauge. These agricultural products were in transit to Germany.

"Nobody benefits from spoiled grain. Such "actions" are a loss for everyone, except for the russians, who are interested in destroying our countries and dividing civilized countries. For 2 years, Ukrainian farmers have been harvesting grain in armour vests, under missile attacks and despite the danger of mines. The Ukrainian army has literally broken through a corridor for this grain across the Black Sea, and the world has already called it the Ukrainian Corridor. Up to 90% of our exports go through the Black Sea. It is a matter of our survival. And the survival of the world, which depends on Ukrainian grain, especially in Africa and Asia. 10 years ago on the Maidan Nezalezhnosti hundreds of Ukrainians gave their lives for the right to live in a free and modern Europe. And we continue to believe that Europe is where labor is respected and partnership is valued," — commented Oleksandr Kubrakov, Deputy Prime Minister for Restoration — Minister for Communities, Territories and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine.

The Polish law enforcement agencies, Polish Railways and the Embassy of Ukraine in Poland were informed about the unauthorized interference with the railway. It should be noted that all Ukrzaliznytsia cars are checked at the border by Polish regulatory authorities and sealed. This makes it impossible for Ukrainian grain to enter the Polish market.

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