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    News    22 June 2018, 14:54
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Volodymyr Omelyan presented the National Transportation Strategy - 2030 «Drive Ukraine 2030»

22 June 2018, 14:54

On May 30, 2018, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine approved the National Transport Strategy of Ukraine - 2030 «Drive Ukraine 2030».  The team of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine together with the leading European transport experts, with the support of the EU Delegation in Ukraine and the European Commission worked on the strategy. On June 21, 2018, the National Transport Strategy of Ukraine was presented in Kyiv.

Volodymyr Kistion, the Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine, Hugues Mingarelli, EU Ambassador to Ukraine, Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine, Maksym Burbak,  the head of the 'People's Front' faction in the Parliament, Jerome Bleuchot, Team Leader – EU financed Project AASISTS, MP’s, representatives of the diplomatic corps, heads of Ukrposhta, Ukravtodor, Ukrzaliznytsia, Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority, members of the Reform Support Team of the Ministry of Infrastructure, representatives of the public and the media took part in the event.

Presenting the National Transport Strategy, Volodymyr Omelyan emphasized that only ambitious plans and a "big infrastructure revolution" could give Ukraine a new quality: "The construction of a modern state requires a modern approach. Strategy 2030 is not just about transport. Strategy 2030 is about modern Ukraine, about the developed strong state, about the people for whom we created the best. Infrastructure breakthrough is the creation of a new reality, not the repair of the old one. The National Strategy-2030 “Drive Ukraine” is the driver of economic and social transformations in Ukraine. Creating future of Ukraine. Drive Ukraine 2030 is transformation of Ukraine into a developed, high-tech and innovative country through the development of transport and infrastructure, the use of advanced technologies. Drive Ukraine 2030 it is digital infrastructure, transport safety, unmanned cars, transport corridors, unified transport and infrastructure network with the European Union".

According to the Minister of Infrastructure, Drive Ukraine 2030 provides:

• Construction of 10 new highways

• More than 100 automatic weight control systems

• 10 hours - the average time to cross Ukraine from the South to the North and from West to East

• 0 - child mortality on the roads, reduction of road traffic injures by 90%, UAH 35 bln for the traffic safety allocated from the road fund

• International Highways: Go Highway, Via Carpatia, extended Kyiv- Odesa Reni road to Greece. Development of internal directions: Lviv-Kyiv-Kharkiv-Donetsk, Kyiv-Kerch, Poltava-Dnipro

• No jitneys. Free market stimulates the transition to modern comfortable liners

• 50 airports in operation

• 1 hour - average time to get to an airport from any point thought Ukraine

• 50% of population using air transport

• Increase regional passenger flow (at the moment, 98% of the passenger flow are generated by 7 airports)

• 50% - share of low-cost segment in air transportation

• 36 million passenger/year - passenger flow of the "Boryspil" airport. Provides 6 united terminals and reconstruction of the second runway

• 3.5 million passenger/year - passenger flow of Lviv airport

• Expanding the flight geography (350 directions for flights from all Ukrainian airports)

• Free competition on the railways. Infrastructure and railway tracks belongs to the state. Rolling stock, locomotives - both in the state and private ownership

• Joint production of rolling stock on condition of cooperation between Ukrzaliznytsia and the Kriukiv Railway Car Manufacturing Plant, General Electric, Bombardier, Greenbrier, etc.

• By 2030, it is possible to upgrading 100% of locomotives and car fleet

• 150 km / h - average speed on railway

• High-speed railway connection Kyiv-Odesa, Kyiv-Lviv, Kyiv-Kharkiv, Kyiv-Dnepr

• These steps will allow Ukrzaliznytsya became one of the top 5 railways of the world by financial indicators

• Ukraine is a hub between Europe and Asia. Ukraine can seriously declare itself as a participant in the New Silk Link project, which requires a transparent and efficient customs clearance mechanism and a high-quality system of railways and highways

• "single sea window" in all Ukrainian ports (information system, which will allow to collect and analyze data on ships). Elimination of corruption component. Low fares. Comfortable logistics

• 30% - share of cargo served by Ukrainian ports in the Black Sea region

• Ukrainian seaports in the list of the world's largest container ports

• 50 million tons per year - cargo transportation by inland waterways

• The new Ukrposhta: over 70% share on the postal market

• Hyperloop in Ukraine. 5 from of 11 branches of high-speed ground transport will pass through the territory of Ukraine, 3 through the Kyiv

• $ 60 billion investments in the transport sector

• Integration of Ukraine into the world economy and technological leap in the sphere of infrastructure possible by the attraction of world companies to Ukraine: Hutchison Ports, DP World, General Electric, Bombardier, Tesla, Ryanair.

• Construction of a Tesla Gigafactory in Ukraine for the production of batteries and solar panels.

• Implementation of the Association Agreement with the EU - adoption and implementation of the package of infrastructure legislation, implementation of EU directives

• Smart Country. Smart-roads: smart road construction for unmanned transport movement, traffic control system (Big Data utilization), Smart-road: pilot road generated electric power

• Single ticket: 1 ticket for transport modes all over Ukraine

• Over 50% share of electric cars on the cars sales market

• 100% electric public transport

• 2 plants for the electric cars and batteries production

• Production capacities: trucks, planes, sea and river vessels with electric traction


Volodymyr Omelyan thanked members of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Parliament, representatives of the European Union in Ukraine for joint teamwork and expressed his hope for further successful cooperation in the implementation of the “Drive Ukraine 2030”.

Volodymyr Kistion, Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine positively noted the work of the Ministry and the whole Government on the development and adoption of the Strategy: "We coped with the task of great importance - we developed and approved the National Transport Strategy until 2030. We have a program document that defines goals and objectives for infrastructure sector. The next step is its successful implementation. The Ministry of Infrastructure has full support of the Government".

Hugues Mingarelli, EU Ambassador to Ukraine, Head of the EU Delegation to Ukraine assured in the fully support of Ukraine by the EU in the implementation of the Strategy: “The National Transport Strategy of Ukraine is thousands of hours of real work. The European Union supports the Ministry in the implementation of this very ambitious strategy, because we are all confident, my colleagues and I, that this is what you can do in this this important area. While writing the document, the Ministry of Infrastructure was in close cooperation with all other ministries, consulted with companies, industry, and the public. You have been in close contact with the international community, international financial institutions. We know that on the basis of all these consultations, you have accepted all the comments from all stakeholders, and this is a guarantee that this is the right document. On the basis of this document, we can develop effective cooperation with all interested parties. We also believe and it is very important that the development of the transport sector is a prerequisite for improving the economic competitive environment. Without the improvement of the transport sector, progress in many sectors of the economy is impossible. The strategy has many pillars - this is what we can do to improve the regulatory environment, what we can do in order to modernize the infrastructure. Regarding the regulatory environment, you are in full harmony with the Association Agreement with the EU. Ukraine has signed an Association Agreement with the EU and it is Ukraine's obligation to adapt Ukrainian legislation to the European one. And if you manage to do it transparently and smooth - you will be fully integrated into the EU transport system".


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