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Strategy 2015


Main areas of development and reform

The key areas of development were defined  in Ukraine’s 2020 Transportation Strategy. These include:

  • ensuring the availability and improving the quality of transportation services;
  • integrating national transportation systems into European and international transportation systems;
  • increasing the effectiveness of public administration in the field of transportation;
  • developing transportation infrastructure;
  • renewing the rolling stock;
  • improving the investment climate;
  • ensuring safety during transportation;
  • improving the environmental friendliness and energy efficiency of vehicles.

Detailed information on Ukraine’s 2020 Transport Strategy (in Ukrainian)

Report on the implementation of the strategy in 2014 ( in Ukrainian)

The organization and monitoring of the implementation of Ukraine’s 2020 Transportation Strategy is carried out by the Office of Strategic Infrastructure Development and Investment.

In addition, the main reform and development goals of the sector were defined by the Government’s plan of action and a Coalition agreement, signed by the five parliamentary factions of the VerkhovnaRada, along withits corresponding plan of action.

The main goals are the following:

  • ensuring that key legislative acts are developed and passed into law:
    • On railway transport (new edition);
    • On internal waterway transport;
    • On amendments to certain Ukrainian legislative acts concerning the reformation of the system of public administration of public automotive roads;
    • On amendments to certain Ukrainian laws concerning tariffs in the field of urban electric transport and automotive transport;
    • on the introduction of a road tax, aimed at compensating the damage to public roads caused by motor vehicles;
    • on the reformation of the system of state control and regulation of automotive and urban electric transport, the improvement of automotive stations, and the simplification of automotive transport business activities.
  •  sector reforms:
    • formation of the public joint stock company“Ukrainian Railways”;
    • transfer of control over local roads to regional state administrations, with a simultaneous transfer of the financial resources needed to perform the necessary functions;
    • establishment, based on the “Ukrpost” National State Enterprise of Postal Service, of joint stock postal service companies;
  • infrastructure development:
    • creation of a competitive environment in the road sector, which will help with the implementation of public-private partnership projects. As an example, an open competition was carried out to determine who would get to build and operate  the new Lviv-Krakovets road.
    • attraction of private investments to projects aimed at developing strategic port infrastructure facilities, under the terms stipulated by the Law of Ukraine “On Sea Ports”
    • implementation of programs of cooperation with the IMF, World Bank, EBRD, EIB and other international financial organizations;
    • Bringing about conditions favourable to the signing of an Open Skies Agreement with the EU

Detailed information about our main goals

Additional information

  • The program of the Ukrainian Cabinet of Ministers and the 2015 Sustainable Development Strategy “Ukraine-2020”: