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    News    13 February 2022, 20:00
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Illegal blockade of Black Sea ports: work is underway to define a sea corridor for safe navigation

13 February 2022, 20:00

On behalf of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, the State institution "Derzhhidrohrafiia" conducts unscheduled depth measurements to clarify the nature and structure of the bottom relief in the Northwestern part of the Black Sea. The work will last until 14 February 2022 inclusive.

The works are carried out in connection with the illegal closure of the sea area for battle drills of the Russian Federation in the maritime economic zone of Ukraine.

"In situations of gross violations of the international law by the Russian Federation, our task is to prevent risks, protect critical infrastructure, and ensure full compliance with our trade obligations.

We do everything we can to prevent any attempts to block Ukrainian maritime logistics or air traffic. Economic and social stability in the country is the best tool for combating information warfare", Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine Oleksandr Kubrakov said.

Because of the danger of sailing on the approaches to the seaports of Odesa Bay, it is recommended to use the sea corridor in the Dnister Bank area between the western border of the Russian exercise area and the southeastern edge of the Dnister Bank for merchant vessels.

The national maritime navigation maps of Ukraine № 3201 and № 3407 show the depths in this area according to the results of hydrographic works in 2017. According to these measurements, the depths range is from 15 to 22 meters.

Vessels heading for the ports of Odesa Bay are recommended to follow the 20 meters depth isobath, which is indicated on the current navigation charts.

The results of the hydrographic work will be immediately announced in the coastal warnings, as well as published in the Notices to Sailors in the form of the information sheet for paper and electronic navigation charts.


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