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    News    1 November 2022, 15:00
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Black Sea Grain Initiative: in two days, 17 ships passed through the humanitarian corridor in both directions, 2 of them to Ukrainian ports for loading.

1 November 2022, 15:00
Today, 3 ships loaded with 85.000 tons of agricultural products left Chornomorsk and Pivdennyi seaports. These ships are on their way to African and European countries. Among them is the bulk carrier BOMUSTAFA O loaded with 22.8 thousand tons of wheat for the needs of the residents of Libya, and NIMET TORLAK with 12.6 thousand tons of meal for Moroccans.
In turn, Ukrainian ports accepted two tankers for loading oil for Jordan and Romania.
On October 31, the Joint Coordination Center (JCC) inspected 46 ships with 1.7 million tons of Ukrainian agricultural products, which had already left for the ports of destination. It became possible due to the increase of inspection groups up to 10 by the UN and Türkiye. Thus, the queue of vessels in the Bosphorus waiting for inspection was reduced to 147 vessels both for exit and entry.
During the 3 months of implementation of the Black Sea Grain Initiative, 422 ships exported almost 10 million tons of agricultural products. This volume could be 30-40% more if the russian federation did not block inspections in the Bosphorus.
It should be mentioned that the UN and Türkiye emphasized the need to continue the Grain Initiative and agreed on the traffic of ships through the humanitarian corridor. At the same time, negotiations between the UN and Türkiye with the russian delegation continue aiming to seek solutions for the full implementation of the Grain Initiative. Ukraine, for its part, continues to fulfill its obligations and remains the guarantor of food security for the entire civilized world.

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