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        16 December 2021, 18:33
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The Road Safety auditors train the training course in Ukraine has been completed

16 December 2021, 18:33

The Road Safety auditors train the training course in Ukraine has been completed  

29th of November, 2021 the Road Safety auditors train the training course (RSA TC) had been completed in Ukraine, and 24 students was certificated.    

The training course was arranged by World Bank's Global Road Safety Facility and the Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative for Global Road Safety and initiated by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine and the Reform Support Team (RST) of MIU. 

The course consisted of practical examples and transferring of European wide experience and know-how to the trainees. During the training, mentors focused on that road infrastructure should change drivers’ behavior, as far as design errors are a common cause of road accidents. The road safety audit of highways is designed to form better design solutions primarily on interurban roads as well as on urban roads in the future.

The learning process continued from 7th of October till 29th of November and it was very fruitful. The training included 12 working days and homework, spited into three parts. Each part consisted of several modules where the participants learned from the experience of lead trainers and experts and included a huge number of theoretical and practical classes, group and individual work, analyzing of real cases, daily tests.

The Certificates Award Ceremony was attended by Deputy Minister of Infrastructure of Ukraine for European Integration Anna Yurchenko, as well as World Bank and the Bloomberg Philanthropies Initiative representatives.

«It is very important for Ukraine to learn from the successful experience and knowledge and make it possible for road sector experts to apply European standards and improve road safety» - said Anna Yurchenko in her welcome message to the organizers, coaches and graduates of the course.

Alina Burlacu, Senior Transport Specialist with the World Bank Global Road Safety Facility, said that Ukraine is the first country in the Europe joined to the BIGRS program. «Special thanks to the Reform Support Team for success training course arranging, all participants for joining the course, Bloomberg Philanthropies for possibility to make the course happening. Also many thanks to our colleagues from World Bank and certainly to all lectures of the training» - Alina Burlacu noted during the certificates awarding ceremony.

Remind that the Road Safety Audit (RSA) is an integral part of the construction of new roads or the reconstruction of existing ones.

The RSA is a formal inspection of a road construction project, road traffic or any other type of project conducted by an independent qualified auditor or team of auditors who report on the possibility of an accident within the project and safety indicators for all road users.

The RSA makes it possible to reduce the number and mitigation of road accidents by improving road safety characteristics.

All participants of the course noted its effectiveness and thank the organizers for the opportunity to gain advanced knowledge that they can train qualified auditors for road safety in Ukraine.