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    Новини    22 Лютого 2022, 14:06
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Press release: the current situation on the airspace of Ukraine

22 Лютого 2022, 14:06

Despite information attacks, the sky over Ukraine remains open. Today the situation in the airspace of Ukraine is controlled and stable, flight safety is fully ensured.

Currently, we have only 2 Notama in the Black and Azov Seas for the period from 21 to 26 February 2022 due to illegal Russian exercises. In general, the situation has not changed.

We have been preparing for such scenarios in the airspace since 2014. The current cancellations of flights by some foreign airlines are dictated solely by the aggravation of the situation in the information space, but not by real changes in flight safety.

The state is working on the rapid replacement of canceled flights by flights of Ukrainian carriers. The air connections between Ukraine, in particular Kyiv, and key European cities are provided.

How does Ukraine stabilize the situation?

1) Due to the establishment of the additional state mechanism for safety insurance in Ukraine, Ukrainian airlines, in particular, the largest one as UIA and SkyUp were able to continue their flight program and add new flights.

2) From the very beginning of the panic in the world aviation market, we have begun a systematic process of negotiations with our international partners in the format of meetings with G7 ambassadors. This is an additional factor that has helped to stabilize global insurance markets. Also, we stay in constant contact with the heads of foreign and Ukrainian airlines.

3) Currently, Ukraine's air connections are provided with key European cities due to operative communication with foreign and Ukrainian air carriers.

  • In particular, Ukraine International Airlines has already begun selling tickets and increased the capacity of aircraft on additional flights from Kyiv to Munich and Geneva (and vice versa). These flights to Kyiv are those that Lufthansa Group is currently unable to operate due to the temporary cancellation.

At the same time, the German air carrier is currently in the process of transferring the possibility of transporting passengers on its routes to/from Ukraine to Star Alliance member companies and other partners. We are also negotiating with Ukrainian airlines to quickly launch additional flights on these routes.

The Ministry of Infrastructure is negotiating with Ukrainian airlines on the possible soon launch of additional flights to ensure uninterrupted flights on routes where foreign companies have canceled flights.


Current results

There is no sea change in the dynamics of flights to/ from Ukraine. The Ministry of infrastructure is grateful to Ukrainian airlines for being able to quickly and efficiently get involved in the process of replacing flights.

 “Currently, there is no reason to cancel flights. The situation in the airspace of Ukraine is completely controlled by the state. We urge you not to panic and not to play into the hands of the aggressor”, the Minister of infrastructure Oleksandr Kubrakov said.

The Ministry of infrastructure works 24 hours a day and receives up-to-date information on the military situation. That’s why quick and effective decisions will be made at the lowest real risk because aviation security is an absolute priority.

The Ministry of infrastructure thanks Ukrainian and international airlines that continue to provide air connections between Ukraine and the world.


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