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Infrastructure projects in the railway transport

Current projects in the railway transport

“Beskydskiy” tunnel construction

Customer: Lvivska zaliznytsia

Contractor: Building association “Interbudmontazh/Ukraine”

Technical parameters of the tunnel, specified in the project:

Tunnel length


Depth of the works on the pass


Area of the tunnel


Volume of the tunnel


The cost of construction of the “Beskydskiy” tunnel is 2.193 billion hryvnyas, including:

EBRD credit funds

€102.7 million

Lvivska zaliznytsia funds

541 million hryvnyas

EIB funds

€55 million

Obtaining the necessary permits for construction works

To start the basic works on the construction of the “Beskydskiy” tunnel necessary permits were obtained from the controlling bodies:

  • design and brief of the project «“Beskydskiy” tunnel construction» were approved by the Directorate of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 21/08/2013 № 752-p,
  • permit for construction works was granted by the State Architectural and Construction Inspectorate of Ukraine 22/10/2013 № IV 115132980739.
Execution of construction works

Preparatory works were started by: Lviv railway – on 23/12/2009; PJSC "Buliding Association Interbudmontazh" – on 23/04/2012.

The capital works on the object were started on 29/10/2013.

Works must be finished by the IV quarter 2016.

Financial performance of the 2015 plan

 Lviv Railway’s financial plan for 2015 foresees the allocation of 200 million hryvnyas for the construction of the “Beskydskiy” tunnel, including:

  • at the expense of the Lviv railway – 38.5 million hryvnyas;
  • at the expense of EBRD – 161.5 million hryvnyas.

As of 04.03.2015, 107.843 million hryvnyas were allocated, which is 54% of the annual plan, including:

  • at the expense of the Lviv Railway – 20.627 million hryvnyas;
  • at the expense of EBRD – 87.216 million hryvnyas.
Concerning the additional financing of construction of Beskid tunnel

Beskid Tunnel has a strategic importance as it is the fifth corridor from Italy to Ukraine. Today over 60% of cargo traffic goes through Beskid Tunnel across Ukrainian western border including transit.

Total construction cost of the tunnel is estimated at nearly 2.2 billion UAH. The project is making of loan of European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and European Investment Bank (EIB). The budget of the first phase of construction was 39.71 million US dollars of loan of EBRD. Now it is going preparation of documents for the first tranche in amount of 5 million euros of total amount 55 million euros of loan from EIB. The Beskyd tunnel is the first railway infrastructure project in Ukraine to which the contractual framework standards of the International Federation of Consulting Engineers (FIDIC - Fédération Internationale Des Ingénieurs-Conseils) as well as the procurement policies of the EBRD were applied. It has become an important industry benchmark for transparency and efficiency.

On 21st of January 2016 was completed the first phase of construction of a new double track Beskid Tunnel on route Beskid - Skotarske in Carpathians. Currently completed the most difficult part of construction work - top ledge of tunnel.

It is expected that construction work will be completed in fourth quarter of 2017 and the first train will go through the new tunnel in second quarter of 2018.

Design and construction of the Beskid tunnel is carried out within a joint loan agreement with EBRD "Project of introduction of high speed passenger trains on the railways of Ukraine."

 Planned projects:

1. “Dolynska-Mykolayiv-Kolosivka”

2. “Kovel-Izov-State border” railroad electrification project

3. “Berdychiv-Zhytomyr-Korosten-Ovruch-State border” railroad electrification project

4. “Chernihiv-Hornostayivka-State border” railroad electrification project

5. “Potoky-Zolotnyshyne” railroad electrification project