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Reforms in water transport industry

The Ministry of Infrastructure offers to improve the system of certification of seafarers

Experts of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Inspectorate for Training and Certification of Seafarers have developed the Plan of priority measures to improve the system of certification of seafarers (hereinafter – the Plan). The main purpose of the elaborated measures is to optimize and simplify the system of certification of seafarers by bringing it into the practice of leading maritime countries.

Thus the Plan includes:

  1. Deregulation of the system of certification of seafarers;
  2. Increasing objectivity of certification of seafarers and preventing potential corruption cases;
  3. Increasing transparency and efficiency of the State qualification commissions and the State Register of Seafarers Documents of Ukraine.

In order to fulfill the Plan, changes to the existing regulatory legal acts are being prepared. Draft laws will soon be published by the Ministry of Infrastructure website.

You can check out the Plan down below.

Feel free to send us any suggestions or comments to our e-mail:

Contact person - Oleksandr Rebenok, phone: (044) 351-44-59.

The number of documents in the documenting procedures of vessels must be reduced by 6 times

The number of documents provided by the master of the vessel to the captain of the seaport when entering water area must be reduced by 6 times. This initiative of the Container Lines Association, SE "USPA" and the Ministry was announced by Deputy Chairman in Investment of SE "USPA" Vyacheslav Voronyy during the International transport week.

By now, the Ministry has prepared the draft decree “On amendments to the Procedure of documenting of the arrival and departure of vessels in and from the seaport and issuing permits”, approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure of 27.06.2013 №430.

According to the draft amendments, instead of 23 copies of the documents that the master of the vessel must provide now to the captain of the seaport, he will have to provide only 4:

- Classification certificate;

- Certificate of registration;

- International tonnage certificate;

- International Load Line Certificate.

Also, some amendments are planned to be made in relation to the implementation of the EU directives of 20.10.2010 №2010/65/EU "On reporting formalities for ships arriving in and/or departing from ports of the Member States " and of 27.06.2002 p. number 2002/59/EC establishing a Community vessel traffic monitoring and information system and repealing Council.

Deregulation of business conditions in maritime transport industry

The main benefit is a significant reduction in the number of control procedures. Earlier documenting of the vessel was realized on the board of the ship by at least 5 regulatory authorities and lasted several hours. Now, the vessel's agent will have all the necessary papers beforehand, before the arrival of the vessel in port. The controlling procedures will be realized in the supervisory authority office. This radical change will eliminate the human factor and will save time and money of the participants of the procedures.

During the transition between the Ukrainian ports, the controlling procedures of the vessel now will only be realized in the port of departure and the final port of arrival. Previously, controlling procedures used to take place during arrival to and departure from each port.

The changes will shorten the stay of vessels in ports and will increase the capacity of the ports by 15%. Inefficient idle time for which cargo owners previously had to pay will be reduced.