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Technical condition of general-purpose roads

Technical condition of general-purpose roads

The general-purpose roads network of Ukraine divides in principal roads – 52 thousand km and secondary roads – 117.6 thousand km.

General-purpose roads network structure:

76.7% of the total length of hard-surface roads are roads with improved surface types (cement-concrete, asphalt-concrete, black highways), the rest of them are roads with transition types (white stone and gravel, paving stones).

The distribution of general-purpose roads by surface types

 Due to the limited funding, about 90% of general-purpose roads have not been repaired for over 30 years. Thus general-purpose roads (169.6 thousand km) do not meet modern requirements both on strength (39.2%) and on evenness (51.1%).

Artificial structures and bridges need special attention. Only 7,471 bridges from 16,191 meet current regulations and standards, 1,865 are in urgent need of repair.