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The International Civil Aviation Organisation

The International Civil Aviation Organisation - is a specialised agency of the United Nations that coordinates and facilitates international cooperation in all aspects of international civil aviation, established by The Chicago Convention on International Civil Aviation in 1944. There are 190 member states, including Ukraine as the state succession after the dissolution of the USSR, which entered ICAO on 10th November, 1970.

Headquarters are located in Montreal, Canada.

Beginning September 9, 1992, Ukraine has been a member of ICAO by acceding to the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Statement of the Prime Minister of Ukraine dated July 28, 1992 by the Government of the United States on the accession of Ukraine to the Convention on International Civil Aviation (Chicago, USA, 07.12.1944)).

In addition to the Chicago Convention, Ukraine has adopted 28 multilateral instruments of international air law, including:

- Transit Air Services Transit Agreement (Chicago, 1944);

- The Codified Convention on the Unification of Certain Rules for International Carriage by Air which replaced the so-called "Warsaw System»;

- 5 conventions and the Montreal Protocol (1971), covering various aspects of aviation security and the fight against the illegal capture of aircraft.

Two European Regional Training Centers of ICAO operate in Kyiv:

1. The Centre for Aviation Security (based in the Boryspil International Airport and National Aviation University) - since 1996;

2. The ICAO European Regional Government Safety Inspectors Training Centre - since 2001.